Friday, February 22, 2008

January 14-17, 2008: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an amazing city, and has a lot of charm for a city of over one million people. We met an Australian friend on the plane there (who, after splitting ways, we saw again at our next destination -- something we found happened a lot with us recognizing people all over Asia from other places) and lived cheaply for a couple days. We took a cooking class at a vegetarian restaurant (Northern Thailand is more attuned to vegetarianism), which was a highlight.

I've discovered it's especially hard to limit my photo selection.... I just want you all to feel like you're there!

They love reggae.... you know what's awesome? A Thai person with fat dreads. Serious.

He's not Thai.

He's Thai.... and awesome. Tuk tuk???

One of the markets... and one of millions of pineapples.

Fruit -- every single day, beautiful, glorious fruit. And haggard.

Duan, our culinary guidance counselor.

The smaller they come, the spicier they are. Not the limes, yo.

This is me if I were Thai and had to work at a market all day.

We did shrooms.....

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