Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elise and Adam: October 15, 2011

Beautiful bride, beautiful venues, beautiful memories!
Such an easy group of amazing people we got to shoot.
The day was so special for Elise and Adam and all of their friends and family.
We were very lucky to share their day with everyone there.
I was just writing Elise and Adam yesterday telling them how much fun I remembered having while I went thru their wonderful pictures; I told them how much I miss that day!

In wonderful Sonoma County, the weather was perfect and the smiles were big.

Thanks to everyone visiting, and a special thanks to Elise and Adam for such an amazing time!


Copyright: Still Music 2011
Photos by Jeremy Hohengarten
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 4th, 2011: Carling and Scott

My amazing wife Erin and I were lucky enough to visit home for Labor Day weekend, and in the process be a part of a picture perfect wedding.
Carling and Scott were probably made for each other a long long time ago.
They are both people to look up to.
And their marriage will be truly wonderful to watch grow.
They were married out in Mountain Ranch, CA at an awesome little rustic getaway ranch place thing.
It was a day full of fun friends and awkward speeches and amazing vegan food catered by the impeccable Lila and Sage (who catered our veggie wedding!) and the best vegan cake both my lovely wife and I have ever had (also by the impeccable Lila and Sage)!

Photography by Jeremy Hohengarten
Still Music 2011
For editorial use only.

July 2, 2011: Alie and Chris

My wonderful wife and I flew down to the Bay for an awesomely long 4th of July weekend vacation. 
During that time, our friends Alie Renton and Chris Scott were getting married in Livermore, and my talented and gifted sister-in-law Emily Agenjo at was shooting their wedding and asked me to assist her. 
Obviously I said yes because I knew the day was going to be fun and the people easy and beautiful.
Chris and Alie were champs; they looked better than anyone else did in the 100+ degree weather, and held it together in the 105+ degree barn they got married in.

We love them, as does everyone else.

Shot for Emily Agenjo Photography 2011
Images: Jeremy Hohengarten 2011
For editorial use only.

Friday, July 1, 2011

June 25, 2011: Kym and Jasper

A little more than a year after my marriage at beautiful Union Hill in Columbia/Sonora, CA, I'm back.
I was lucky enough to spend a beautiful day at the most wonderful places in my memories with Kym and Jasper.
Union Hill is an amazing old ranch on several dozen acres that used to be home to ranchers and gold miners.
Now it's the best place to get married.
Kym and Jasper made a good choice.

Photos by: Jeremy Hohengarten
Copyright: Still Music 2011
For editorial use only.

June 11, 2011: Kristen and Trevor

After another plane ride to San Diego, I met 
to shoot the wedding of Kristen and Trevor, friends of Kristen and Jon.
We had a blast, blasting everyone with our cameras and dancing on the dance floor.
The weather was perfect yet again, and the venue was gorgeous, with beautiful lighting and orange trees and greenery all over in this oasis in the middle of the SoCal desert.

Photos by: Jeremy Hohengarten
for Eric Turner Photography
Copyright: Still Music 2011
For editorial use only.

October 10, 2010: Sara and Paul

The weekend after flying to and from San Diego, I drove to Sonora to meet
and we went to Hume Lake for another wedding.
Sara and Paul's day was bright and temperate, perfect wedding weather, especially for their sunny ceremony by the lake and reception on the giant lawn.
Sara and Paul were fun and photogenic, making our jobs way too easy.

Click here to go to the link of their slideshow!

Photos by: Jeremy Hohengarten
for Eric Turner Photography
Copyright: Still Music 2010
For editorial use only.

October 3, 2010: Kristen and Jon

It's been way too long!!
What is wrong with me??
Ok so last October I took a trip to San Diego to meet my best buddy ever Eric Turner at
We shot a wedding for some friends, the beautiful Kristen and Jon Smith.
Too beautiful, it hurts so good.
We had an awesome time and it was a beautiful day and venue.

Photos by: Jeremy Hohengarten
for Eric Turner Photography
Copyright: Still Music 2010
For editorial use only.