Sunday, February 24, 2008

January 21, 2008: On the road to Chiang Khong

We had a long journey from Pai. It was a journey back to Chiang Mai, then east to Chiang Khong, where we would cross the river/border into Laos. Before the sun set, we stopped in a small village where there was an awesome local market outside of Chiang Khong. There were all kinds of animal parts, vegetables, bugs, and.... stuff. It was great. Unlike Chiang Khong.

This woman scored. We watched as a British farang (foreigner) we were with unknowingly dropped some 20 baht at his feet, his friend picking it up. He turned around and handed it to this woman, completely unaware it was his friend's. He tried to explain that she dropped this, and left her in a hilarious state of confusion. Soon, half the market place was staring at the group of haggard British farang who curiously handed people money. We were busting up....

She didn't get any money.

Market-fresh French crepes, made right here in this obscure village market in Thailand.

Bugs. Some, alive. I bought so many.

The farang, looking at bugs...

We were all a little out of place.

A crazy Thai man talking to our driver, who's in the special forces.

Our bus. Yup, it was a loooonnnnngggg day.

My friend.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

January 17-20, 2008: Pai

Even more north is a smaller town called Pai. It was recommended by a couple people before I left, one being a complete stranger.... so we thought, why not? It's supposed to be a "Hippy Town," sounds intriguing enough. It was amazing! A little touristy, like most places on the beaten path, but small, personal, beautiful, alive, and accommodating. We splurged (for a whopping $10 a piece) for a gorgeous bungalow within a mini rainforest of green. An organic vegetarian restaurant/spa saw us every day at their riverside tables, where we spent more there than our accommodations. We rented a "scooter," which is dangerous there, but explored safely and went on a hike to some disappointing waterfalls, only to return triumphantly to find out we probably didn't go far enough. If I could live for a long time in one place, Pai would be at the top of my list.

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January 14-17, 2008: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an amazing city, and has a lot of charm for a city of over one million people. We met an Australian friend on the plane there (who, after splitting ways, we saw again at our next destination -- something we found happened a lot with us recognizing people all over Asia from other places) and lived cheaply for a couple days. We took a cooking class at a vegetarian restaurant (Northern Thailand is more attuned to vegetarianism), which was a highlight.

I've discovered it's especially hard to limit my photo selection.... I just want you all to feel like you're there!

They love reggae.... you know what's awesome? A Thai person with fat dreads. Serious.

He's not Thai.

He's Thai.... and awesome. Tuk tuk???

One of the markets... and one of millions of pineapples.

Fruit -- every single day, beautiful, glorious fruit. And haggard.

Duan, our culinary guidance counselor.

The smaller they come, the spicier they are. Not the limes, yo.

This is me if I were Thai and had to work at a market all day.

We did shrooms.....

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January 14, 2008: Bangkok

I arrived in Bangkok on the 13th, late at night, retrieved by my girlfriend Erica. We will be moving around Asia together, starting here in Bangkok.. But it's not the place for us, so after a night's rest, and an early morning swim, some pics, we were off to Northern Thailand.... Chiang Mai. Our view was nice, tho, wasn't it? Right outside the smog line.... Bangkok's a ridiculously gorntartuanly large city, let me tell you.

I freakin' made it! And no jet lag! Suck on that, Bangkok!! Woah....

A tad grande.... this = very small portion of the kok.

Our pool on the edge of the city, the edge of the world!!

Copyright and photos by Jeremy Hohengarten 2008

February 22, 2008: It's been a while

It has been some time since my last entries, but at least there's a lot of fun stuff to catch up on. I've been sick as a dog the last several days, as many people are/have been, but I haven't been motivated enough to take my free time and put it towards photo sorting. But there will be a lot of cool things to be checking up on, for example:

I took a last-minute month long trip to Southeast Asia, a trip most people didn't know I took. This was in mid-January to mid-February. I got back last Monday, and then lack of sleep and over working put me in bed, sick as all hell. But I'm excited about my pictures, and a lot of people have been saying they wanna see them.

Last Sunday, Jill and I shot her good friend's wedding in San Jose. It was good, I think we got some good pictures, even though I haven't even looked at mine. 

I'm going home next weekend to see my family for the first time since Christmas, and I'm pretty excited. I think I'll do a lot of blogging from there, since all I want to do is chill out.

Also, I'll try to get the slideshows previously posted working again..