Friday, February 22, 2008

January 14, 2008: Bangkok

I arrived in Bangkok on the 13th, late at night, retrieved by my girlfriend Erica. We will be moving around Asia together, starting here in Bangkok.. But it's not the place for us, so after a night's rest, and an early morning swim, some pics, we were off to Northern Thailand.... Chiang Mai. Our view was nice, tho, wasn't it? Right outside the smog line.... Bangkok's a ridiculously gorntartuanly large city, let me tell you.

I freakin' made it! And no jet lag! Suck on that, Bangkok!! Woah....

A tad grande.... this = very small portion of the kok.

Our pool on the edge of the city, the edge of the world!!

Copyright and photos by Jeremy Hohengarten 2008

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