Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 12, 2008: Locatelli Party

I'm also working for Tanja Lippert these days.... 
she contracted me out to shoot a rich party. 
It was really rich. 
The place was amazing. 
The party was for a Father who had done a lot of great work for Santa Clara University. 
It was easy -- all I had to do was show up and shoot some details and get paid. 
I can do more of that.

Photos: Jeremy Hohengarten
Copyright: Tanja Lippert Photographers 2008
For editorial use only.


Uncensored Elisa said...
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Uncensored Elisa said...

I can't believe you shot Fr. Locatelli's party...! Now I wish I would've gone. He was mi padre y presidente, did you know?