Monday, June 16, 2008

May 24, 2008: Annie & John

Annie and John's wedding was a local Los Gatos wedding. 
At the church we weren't allowed to move or move up from the back at all, much less use flash. 
So I had to shoot from the balcony the whole time in ridiculously low light. 
But the pics came out pretty good. 
Annie is one of those girls who are funny and easy going, which made shooting them together entertaining.
John is a Judo master--seriously. 
By now he's probably already tried out for the Olympics in which he'd been training for. 
He's like a National Champion or something crazy like that. 
Don't wanna mess up a wedding like that (much less any wedding)!

Click here to view Annie and John's slideshow.

Photos by Jeremy Hohengarten
Copyright Jill Johnson 2008
For editorial use only.

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