Monday, February 13, 2012

New look to our blog!

Welcome to our new look here at the Still Music blog. It's reader-customizable, which is pretty sweet. Just move your cursor over the top left corner tab where it should say "Classic," and click on multiple looks. I like to keep it on "Classic," because not all of my pictures show up in the other viewing options.

I've been working the last couple days on major improvements to the blog. Adding lots of tags, checking grammer and spelling, trying to get a cohesive look going on, and fixing pictures and links. Picasa deleted all of my previous pictures so it's been pretty tedious fixing everything. I've just deleted like 35 of my oldest posts because it's just so much work to try to get all the images back.

I have big plans for my blog to try to reach more people. I want people to follow us here at Still Music, so add our URL to your reader.

Soon I hope to add a "Email List" link. PLEASE share with your friends, especially the ones getting married (even if they have a photographer!). DEFINITELY "Like" posts that you enjoyed so I know what people like to see ("Like" and "+1" buttons are at the bottom of each post.

There's lots to look forward to in the future here at our blog. We'll be exploring options like interviews with other photographers, tips and tricks, advice, personal stories, flash back or rewind posts, author's picks and favorites, vendor recommendations, resources, maybe some videos, and we'll hopefully be exploring my own experiences with my own wedding and our wonderful photographers.

2012 is going to be a fun year for us.
We're going to be shooting a lot more hopefully.
We'll be shooting in:
warm and fashionable Southern California, 
on top of a ski resort, 
in ever-beautiful and sexy Napa Valley, 
in Seattle, Washinton (hopefully on a YACHT!), 
on a beautiful ranch in the foothills of the Sierras, 
and even at Union Hill where my wife and I were married.

Don't worry, I'll be bugging you to stay in touch because I want you to enjoy coming to visit us here. The following screen shots are your different viewing options for the blog. It'd be awesome to hear from you about whether or not you like it. I'm always looking to improve and perfect. And this is far from perfect.

Stay tuned cuz this whole look will probably change real quick.

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