Saturday, March 22, 2008

February 04-06, 2008: Doc Lek

We needed peace and quiet. Doc Lek supplied this. A small oasis north of the cool/ugly Pismo or Long Beach look-a-like of Vietnam, Nha Trang, Paradise Resort is right on Doc Lek beach, in between Vietnamese villages, where the locals would fly along the beach on their motos (one wrecked really hard right in front of me, we thought he was dead at first!). It was beautiful, quiet and fun. The water was warm, the winds were our music, and the people we were with and ate with 3 times a day were all great. The 80 something year old French owner's a little intense. Go there.

Some beautiful temple site where our bus stopped on the way to Doc Lek..

One of the views from outside our room..

Another view....

Villagers paddling to/from their anchored fishing boats.. We raced some dudes in our kayak, and they almost beat us!

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