Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 4th, 2011: Carling and Scott

My amazing wife Erin and I were lucky enough to visit home for Labor Day weekend, and in the process be a part of a picture perfect wedding.
Carling and Scott were probably made for each other a long long time ago.
They are both people to look up to.
And their marriage will be truly wonderful to watch grow.
They were married out in Mountain Ranch, CA at an awesome little rustic getaway ranch place thing.
It was a day full of fun friends and awkward speeches and amazing vegan food catered by the impeccable Lila and Sage (who catered our veggie wedding!) and the best vegan cake both my lovely wife and I have ever had (also by the impeccable Lila and Sage)!

Photography by Jeremy Hohengarten
Still Music 2011
For editorial use only.

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