Sunday, September 11, 2011

July 2, 2011: Alie and Chris

My wonderful wife and I flew down to the Bay for an awesomely long 4th of July weekend vacation. 
During that time, our friends Alie Renton and Chris Scott were getting married in Livermore, and my talented and gifted sister-in-law Emily Agenjo at was shooting their wedding and asked me to assist her. 
Obviously I said yes because I knew the day was going to be fun and the people easy and beautiful.
Chris and Alie were champs; they looked better than anyone else did in the 100+ degree weather, and held it together in the 105+ degree barn they got married in.

We love them, as does everyone else.

Shot for Emily Agenjo Photography 2011
Images: Jeremy Hohengarten 2011
For editorial use only.

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