Friday, September 12, 2008

July 12, 2008: Rachel & Kevin

Tidwell's married! 
A long-time friend of my sister finally married his fiancee of several years, Rachel, and I shot with Eric Turner again.
It was back home, in Sonora, at Sierra Bible. 
The day went beautifully! 
We had plenty of time before the ceremony to do a first meeting, ALL of the portraits and some fun ones of the couple. 
We knew most of the people there and everyone was happy and easy going.
The pastor was hella funny.... he gave Kevin a bean pot and Rachel a teacup and explained how they were those things. 
And then best man Nathan, aka Milnik, gave Kevin a funny cup that he custom made into a ball and chain mug. 
Some special wedding gifts, huh?

Click here to view Rachel and Kevin's slideshow.

Photos: Jeremy Hohengarten
Copyright: Jeremy Hohengarten 2008
Editorial use only.

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