Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 6, 2008: Stephanie & Daniel

Stephanie and Daniel's wedding was so much fun and turned out so great. I shot it with Eric Turner, and we were both skeptical of it being in Visalia at the end of summer. But being within the grounds of a beautiful house on a walnut farm shaded by huge trees, it was way cooler and beautiful than we could have imagined. The couple was great, the bride gorgeous, and the bridal party fun as hell.... for their first dance, they busted out this amazing choreographed dance to a super gangster rap song.... it was the most incredible first dance ever. It will never be topped. We were pretty bummed because they didn't tell us that they were busting out, and so we weren't ready to capture that kind of action! I was lucky enough to catch the cartwheel just by swinging my camera up at the last millisecond and hitting the shutter instinctively, without looking. But I think we grabbed some good stuff... I mean, it is the Turner/Ho magnif duo......

Shot for Eric Turner Photography
Photos: Jeremy Hohengarten
Copyright: Jeremy Hohengarten 2008
Editorial use only.

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